What Is Technology? What Is Its Main Purpose?

Needless to say, all our technological equipment is made to serve a purpose. This is why people have become so dependent on it. In addition to that, technological gadgets also show your status and economical background. On top of all that, it is incredibly fun and entertaining. Which changes the way we think about technology in general, so is it just a purpose driven madness?

Communication And Information

The main purpose of technological equipment, especially when it comes to computers is information and communication. The same goes for smartphones. With your smartphone, you can check any fact and read just about anything, as long as you have a connection with the internet.


This seems to be the main purpose. However, it has surpassed its purpose and showed us that not all technological equipment needs to have a specific purpose! Rather, we can use technological equipment to have fun and entertain ourselves. Even though this was not what people who had developed it initially had in mind, it is something which has penetrated all pores of our lives.

On the one hand, it is there to make our lives easier.

Everything people have developed and devised since the very first wheel is supposed to make your life easier. So, it serves a purpose. But it is not just the purpose that makes the sales when it comes to technology. Here are other aspects which are also important.

It Is Fun!

Tech stuff is incredibly fun. Moreover, they are entertaining. When people did not have smartphones, they felt the boredom of long commuting hours. On the other hand, now you have so many distractions it is difficult to devote your attention to someone or something with so many tech distractions.

Tech and stuff

Therefore to say that technology is merely a purpose driven madness would be wrong. Still, it manages to fulfill this purpose as well as many others which serve our needs that perhaps we did not even know we had!


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